THE Frozen Roman is due to march into Appletreewick next month as part of a national tour by the York based Badapple Theatre Company.

It tells the story of a group of hapless villagers who regard plans for a new building development as a threat to their quiet way of life.

A clandestine meeting at the pub gets heated as the villagers rack their brains for new ways to fight the development.

Then, they discover an ancient Roman burial site - they just need to authenticate their findings, and put an end to the proposed development.

Things are not quite as they seem, and the situation goes 'ballisticus maximus'.

The Frozen Roman is due to be performed at Appletreewick Village Hall at 7.30pm on May 8. Tickets £12 for adults, £10 concessions and £6 for under 16s. Box Office, 01423 339 168 or online: