SIR - I know that over the past few months you have covered articles on dogs worrying ( what a word!) sheep.

Sadly, I experienced that just tonight close up. I never thought I would.

I live in Cross Hills and was walking by the beck, along Sutton Cricket Club, and there are fields with sheep and lambs in currently.

All of a sudden I saw a black Labrador chasing lambs and ewes. I climbed over the wall and chased the dog down, my wife thought I couldn’t run anymore! But I was completely incensed.

Two things struck me about the encounter, the dog had gone completely feral and was frothing at the mouth, totally ignored his owner and was running amok. Yes; it had reverted to pack mentality. Eventually he was brought to heel. After the owner had warned me, ‘ he will bite you!’

The most scary part; however, was the mentality of the owner: ‘he was only chasing them!’ ‘he wouldn’t hurt them!’ ‘he didn’t bite them!’ Really!? you complete buffoon!

I gave the owner a volley of the Queens best English! But what an encounter and scary that dog owners like this actually exist. I am not a dog owner but would ask those that are, how do you educate your fellow companions?

Fortunately, the ewes and lambs appeared ok, but how many times do they have to put up with such attacks? And how often don’t they survive.

Only by education and prosecuting will this behaviour stop.

M D Clipston

Clayton Hall Road

Cross Hills