SIR - Settle Town Council had a meeting on April 24 regarding the proposed location of the skate park in Settle. As a resident I am wholly supported of such a project and it is something which is long overdue and will be well used by our younger residents. Unfortunately, the proposed location of the skate park is in the play park adjoining the primary school. This will involve serious pruning and maybe felling of a mature beech tree and removing other trees which provide shade and shelter to accommodate the skate park within it's boundary. Within the existing site of the play park the skate park will be located along the boundary of the primary school.

The town council has apparently reluctantly arrived at this decision as Craven District Council and North Yorkshire County council have not in the past gifted or leased suitable land for the skate park. I think it is time to revisit this issue and to establish whether NYCC would be prepared to lease some land ideally on the preferred site which is a strip of land next to Settle Swimming pool. It is only right that given the effort that has gone into fund raising by residents of Settle that this project is supported by the district and county council. This is a much needed amenity for young people in Settle.

If Settle Town Council proceeds with this project at the play park next to the primary school then it will really fall between two stools neither meeting the needs of the parents and children of young families that use the park before and after school and in the holidays and the teenagers will understandably not want to be always confined to the skate park and will inevitably play in the area designated for younger children. Parents of younger children will feel that the safety of their younger children is compromised by much older children playing in the near vicinity and ultimately mean that it will be come a space monopolised by the teenagers. During GCSE and A levels examination period this will be used by teenagers of Settle College throughout the day and by other pupils at schools nearby as the skate park will become a local attraction. This is not a question of all teenagers being irresponsible its a case of giving them a suitable recreational space way form younger children. I urge the Settle Town Council to reconsider their proposal and ask NYCC again about the availability of their preferred site next top Settle Swimming Pool. I also encourage the residents to contact the Town council to be supportive of the principle of a skate park but to question the location and encourage them to request the support of NYCC to provide the land required adjoining Settle Swimming Pool. Lets put the skate park in the right place.

Simon Desborough