SIR - On Wednesday, May 9 I attended the cenotaph in Skipton to commemorate Victory in Europe (VE) Day. To say that I was disappointed is putting it mildly. As a navy veteran and member of the local Royal Naval Association (RNA) I was saddened at the extremely low number of people present. A chaplain, displaying his medals, was present along with approximately five veterans and partners and a fellow RNA member carrying the standard. A member of the Duke of Wellington’s Association and a gentleman sporting an RAF tie.

Skipton Town Ambassadors were on hand to halt the traffic so that the few of us that did attend could pay our respects and I would like to thank them.

I did not see any representative of any council. Whilst I did not expect a fanfare I naively believed that this day would attract a respectful show of remembrance.

At the 75th anniversary of D Day this year I am sure that there will be a nationwide outpouring of gratitude and respect and those who were missing on Wednesday will be sure to turn up so that they can be seen to be part of the fanfare and celebrations.

Name and address supplied.