NINETEEN members and friends of the Royal British Legion Skipton branch commemorated the anniversary of VE Day with the RBL Isle of Bute branch, in Scotland.

It was a double celebration for the Skipton contingent as the trip also saw them twin with the Isle of Bute branch.

The event held on May 8 was organised by Skipton branch vice-chairman George Martin and his wife Janice. George, a native of the Isle of Bute, through family connections on the Isle of Bute Branch, came up with the idea of twinning the two branches to promote fellowship between two branches in very different parts of the United Kingdom.

The Skipton group was led by branch chairman Keith Wright and president Barry Blood.

The visit was planned to take place on VE Day which was to be commemorated by a special parade in Rothesay, the capital of the island. The service was conducted by the minister Owain Jones and standards, including the Skipton branch standard, were paraded. The Skipton Branch Bugler David Ellis had travelled specially to play the Last Post and their piper played the Scottish anthem ‘Flowers of the Forest’ to commemorate the dead.

"The occasion was well attended by both branches and the occasion was the talk of the town," said Mr Martin.

"The parade marshal Mike Golding brought the parade to attention and then gave the quick march.

At the war memorial we were met by the minister Rev Owain Jones who greeted the parade along with members of the public who had gathered to join in the commemorations. Presidents from both branches shook hands to signify the twinning and at 11am, bugler David Elliss played the last post and the standards were lowered. During a two minutes silence, the piper played the lament to the fallen 'Flowers of the Forest'."

The event was followed by lunch with speeches and gifts being exchanged.

A reciprocal visit to Skipton is planned for VE Day 2020.