A FORMER Skipton joiner who was diagnosed with asbestosis in 1997, died as a result of an industrial disease, an inquest heard.

Leonard Warhurst, of Airedale Mews, Skipton, died aged 84 on February 21 this year.

An inquest at Skipton Magistrates’ Court was told Mr Warhurst worked as a joiner locally between 1950 and 1973, one of the companies being Merrit and Fryers. He later worked as a surveyor.

His cause of death was recorded as respiratory failure due to a consequence of heart failure and asbestosis and an underlying kidney failure.

Assistant coroner for North Yorkshire, Jonathan Heath, noted Mr Warhurst had worked with asbestos products for many years as a joiner, cutting sheets by hand and wearing his own clothes. No warnings of the hazards of working with the product had been given.

Mr Heath recorded a verdict of death due to an industrial disease.