A LARGE detached house to be built in a warehouse-type style on the site of a former coal yard, in Bradley, has been given the go-ahead.

The house is to be built on a former brownfield site adjacent to the Leeds Liverpool Canal, off Ings Lane.

Members of Craven District Council’s planning committee had been recommended to approve the plans submitted by Mr and Mrs Throup.

Three representations against the house highlighted concerns the house would have a negative impact on the entrance to the village.

There were also concerns the sharp turning to the site would cause a hazard to traffic, especially when the bridge was closed, which occurred regularly when the canal was busy.

Derek Booth, speaking on behalf of Bradley Parish Council, said the building was not included in its Local Plan and was outside the building limits of the village.

Ward councillor Andy Brown said the development did not add any benefit to the village and was also in a flood zone. He also noted the site formed part of an historic Medieval field.

However, he did note, that despite his feelings it was not in the appropriate place, he said the design, was good, apart from the roof.

“It does need a stone roof. I just wish (the development) was somewhere else,” he said.

An argument the house was isolated was disagreed by Councillor Robert Heseltine who said it was only a stone’s throw from other properties.

However, he did question why Highways was not concerned about the access.

“The access can be considered strange but Highways can be found ‘strange’ sometimes,” he said.

The plans were approved on condition development is begun within three years.