FAMILY, friends and mayor Cllr Alan Hickman all joined a special celebration to mark the 100th birthday of Joy Tomlinson, a resident at Skipton’s Woodlands Abbeyfield sheltered housing apartments.

Balloons, banners, and poppers brought a party atmosphere to the accommodation, in Woodlands Drive - and a standing ovation gave Mrs Tomlinson a smile from ear to ear.

Cllr Hickman presented a birthday card from the Queen, while children from Water Street Primary School paid a visit to sing songs and hand over a personalised card.

Mrs Tomlinson moved from Stoke to Skipton with her first husband Ernest Waddilove in 1940, and the couple welcomed daughter Yvonne into the family soon after.

Mrs Tomlinson worked for Ida Whittaker at the Treasure Galleries in Skipton, while her husband was the manager for Nicholas Smith’s car dealership in Gargrave Road.

After Ernest died in 1971, Mrs Tomlinson wet to live in Heswall, Cheshire, but returned to live in Skipton in 2014 to be near her daughter.

Woodlands Abbeyfields activities co-ordinator Georgia Walker said: “With 13 members of Joy’s family and friends coming to surprise her on the day - and residents also in on the surprise - Joy was speechless when she came down to what she thought was an ordinary lunch time.

“Instead everyone was cheering and greeting her as she came in. The surprises weren’t over yet as the primary school children from Water Street paid a visit to sing some songs and give her a card.

“This was a great time for Joy to reminisce as her daughter, Yvonne was once their age and at the same school when Joy played the piano for the Maypole dancing on May Day.

“Once all guests had enjoyed their lunch, Joy’s final surprise was a performer, The Lancashire Belle, Jane Francis, who specialises in ‘Hits from the Blitz’ and who sang many classics that everyone could sing along to.”

She added that staff and residents had bought Mrs Tomlinson a two-seater chair and table with a personalised plaque for her to enjoy sitting in the communal rose garden.