SIR - Why does North Yorkshire County Council highways department think that it is acceptable to cut the flower-rich verges in the national park at this time of year, when so many flowering plants are reaching their peak? I have just seen the verges along the length of the B6265 from Skipton to Grassington reduced to a stubby muddy mess. Road verges are (or were) the last refuge of so many of our flowering plants which have been lost elsewhere. By cutting at this time of year, food supplies for insects, including pollinators, are destroyed and the enjoyment of those flowery verges lost to residents and visitors alike. I’m told it might be because it’s the route of ‘Le petit depart’, but this is not a justification. I would remind those responsible that in national parks, when recreation conflicts with conservation, the Sandford principle must be followed and priority given to conservation interests.

Nancy Stedman

Main Street

High Farnhill