PEOPLE from all walks of life are being invited to take part in a unique exhibition centred around sculpted models of their hands.

The charity, Settle Stories, is inviting people over 55 years old, whether they are farmers, doctors, shopkeepers, or whatever, to take part in an exhibition - Life in their Hands - to take place in the autumn at its own venue, The Joinery.

And, it will mean people talking to and having their hands sculptured by award winning Indian artist, Shanthamani Muddaiah, who has carried out a similar project, talking and sculpting the hands of people along the banks of the River Ganges, or Ganga, in India.

Shanthamani, who has just arrived in Settle and will be working with the charity for about six months, says she is looking forward to discovering the stories of rural Yorkshire folk, and how lives have changed in their communities.

Shanthamani said: "During my journey on Ganga River, I figured out a way of making people sit down to talk and have a true exchange. The camera has the power to dominate and make people more conscious, but sitting down to cast their hand was a great opportunity to create an intimate space where they can talk and the camera became a third entity to witness this interaction.”

|Settle Stories is now appealing to anyone who would like to get involved to get in touch.

Shantamani can visit people in their own homes to talk to them, get their stories and capture their hands, and the ultimate aim is to bring people together with the exhibition.

Settle Stories says: "Life in Our Hands will tell the stories of older members of the community and communicate them to the younger generation through sculpture and video. The exhibition will be a space of history, collaboration and celebration. By sculpting the hands of the individuals who have shaped the Dales landscapes and communities, the project will capture and celebrate the history and culture of the Yorkshire Dales."

To find out more about Settle Stories, visit its website: . If you want to tell your story email or ring 01729 822292.