SIR - In a few weeks some 160,000 citizens will be balloted to choose the prime minister of the United Kingdom. It is ironic that a perceived lack of democracy within European institutions has driven the Conservative party to the point where it is trying to lead us out of the EU. Moreover, the perception that the people are ignored is a major source of dissatisfaction with our political system.

It is with this in mind that the non-aligned organisation, Make Votes Matter has designated Saturday July 6 ‘Demand Democracy Day’. Make Votes Matter is campaigning for a system of proportional representation so that the number of parliamentary seats won at an election is an accurate reflection of the number of votes cast.

For those that are interested, irrespective of political affiliation, we are holding a meeting to discuss proportional representation and how we might contribute to the day of action at 7.30pm on June 24, at the Residents Lounge, Princes Drive, Skipton BD23 1HW.

Andrew Murday (Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Skipton and Ripon)