SIR - I was interested to read the article on the Canal and River Trust sponsored water garden; being designed by Chris Myers (Silver award for garden designer, Craven Herald, June 20), to encourage people to visit the nation's waterways and to discover for themselves the health and well-being benefits of being close to water. I wonder if will be included will be the dog waste bags, smashed bottles and cans, and the human waste and rubbish that the trust's staff and volunteers have to clear from the towpaths to keep the area safe for people's 'health and well-being'. As I have written on before, the ingenious hiding of dog-waste bags is an art in itself - except when you are the person who has to remove them.

Our rivers and canals should be used and enjoyed by everybody, to experience the peace and tranquility that they can generate, not to mention the birds and wildlife that you may be lucky to see. Just clear up behind your pets, and take your rubbish home with you. Thank you.

Paul Emsley

Newton Way