SIR - I read with interest the article on the front page (Craven Herald, July 4) about the reinstatement of the Skipton to Colne line and also the letter (Spend the money on a new station instead). If there were limitless funds, it would be wonderful to reinstate the Skipton Colne line. But there isn’t an endless supply of money for such projects. And there is a rail link already between Skipton and Lancashire via Hellifield which has rails, and services (admittedly on summer Sundays at the moment), and would need some spending to implement at Hellifield. It would at least prove that there was demand. It would not need many expensive consultants and studies, nor reinstatement of trackbed, nor replacement rail infrastructure in the main and probably not £100m. Perhaps the Craven Herald could take a closer look at how the projects would compare in its tireless quest to ensure the best use of public funds. Is reinstating Skipton-Colne the best use of £100m.

Allan Gould

Higher Halsteads,