SIR - I am not a big fan of cycle races, but I enjoyed watching the Tour de France and Tour de Yorkshire coming to town. Special events like these are to be encouraged, especially if there is good planning in the use of the roads.

What I do object to is that between such events, large groups of cyclists use the roads irresponsibly. Recently, coming down The Bailey, Skipton, I drove onto the roundabout at the top of the High Street, coming down The Bailey, to turn right. A huge group of racing cyclists were riding up from my left. In the ordinary course of 'give way', that traffic should have stopped for me, but they took no notice and raced on without stopping, nearly causing a nasty accident.

I have to pay road tax and insurance for my car, which also has to be registered. Cyclists are not obliged to conform to any of this. It means, for example, that if a cyclist knocks someone down, there is no way to identify them if they just ride on. Even if found, they are highly unlikely to have any insurance for injury caused, although could be liable personally. But, if they don't have sufficient money to pay out, then the burden for paying for an injured pedestrian will have to be met from the public purse. None of this can be right.

There can be no other sport in this country where one group is allowed to use a public network as a sports venue whenever and however they want.

All of this needs sorting in a logical and responsible way to meet the challenges of our increasingly clogged highways, but I'm not holding my breath for anything to be done any time soon.

Arthur C Blackett

(Address supplied)