SKIPTON Town Council has reaffirmed its resolution to support and continue work towards maintaining the town as a Fair Trade Town.

A meeting of the full council on Thursday also reaffirmed the resolution of the previous council to support the principles behind declaring Skipton as a Town of Sanctuary, hospitality and welcome.

Councillor Alan Hickman told the committee: “I am proud that this is a Fair Trade town. When you think of the alternative to Fair Trade it doesn’t bear thinking of.

“I request that we vote to continue our status.”

Councillor Robert Heseltine (pictured) added his support saying: “This is something that all members should be supporting. We are quietly evolving into a modern society in Skipton.”

Speaking about continuing as with the ‘Town of Sanctuary’ status, Cllr Heseltine added: “Unfortunately the worlds is becoming a much more intolerant place and anything we can do in our small way to be welcoming to all colours, creeds and race is something that can only improve the situation.”

Cllr John Dawson added: “I think there is a great deal the people of Skipton have done and the people of Craven have done over this barrier, in a sense, in welcoming refugees to the Dales and I support this.”

Members voted unanimously to reaffirm both resolutions.