AROUND 2,000 householders across Craven are being asked to take their waste bins to collection points to avoid repetitive strain injury amongst bin collectors.

Those affected by the proposed changes are mostly residents of terraced houses with limited access and are being invited to take part in a consultation being carried out by Craven District Council, which says special arrangements will be made for those with a disability or illness.

The policy was first introduced in 2014 after the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) told the council it must review its bin collection services, as waste collection crews were at risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Around 600 properties took part in a pilot scheme in 2015, and the council is now looking to expand it by another around 2,000.

Residents of affected properties are to receive letters, setting out the reasons for the change and identifying proposed collection points.

Councillor Carl Lis, lead member for Greener Craven, said the council had no choice but to act on the advice from the HSE.

“We are giving residents the chance to discuss these proposals with waste management so that we can find the most sympathetic solution. Of course, those residents physically unable to move their bins will still be eligible for assistance under the council’s existing assist scheme.

“We recognise that this may cause concern for some residents and it will be a change for people to deal with. We are asking residents to work with us to help agree collection points for their properties so that we can find an acceptable solution.”

Residents will be able to suggest alternative collection points, and those physically unable to move their bins will be able to apply for assistance. People will also have to mark their bins to make sure they can be identified after collection.

To apply for waste assisted collections, go or call the council’s customer helpline on 01756 700600.