ROADWORKS which are again causing misery along the A629 between Skipton and Cross Hills, may last at least until the weekend.

Last week Openreach, a division of BT, had dug up part of the road near the Cononley Lane Ends and the Farnhill turn off, causing tail backs covering several miles in all directions.

On the North Yorkshire County Council roadworks map, BT had stated the work was to last three days, over August 13, 14 and 15.

However, this morning the traffic lights were back and commuters were caught up.

One commuter who works in Skipton said: "It is ridiculous that such a small area of work should cause such huge problems."

Another commuter who lives in Silsden and works in Skipton said it had taken him an hour to travel on a journey that normally takes him 15 minutes.

"The last time I saw road works causing problems like this was on the M6," he said.

"The work appears to be taking place in the same spot as last time, but no one working there which makes the hold-up even more frustrating.

"I noticed after the last work that some of the new Tarmac looked to be crumbling away. Perhaps that is the problem they are going to fix," he added.

He said he was going to take the route over the tops to get home to avoid any more congestion if the work is not completed by this evening.

Earlier this morning Google Maps showed traffic movement in real time and stationary traffic from Cononley Lane Ends to the Bay Horse roundabout, in Skipton.

Problems were also being caused going south, towards Keighley.

North Yorkshire County Council says it is again Openreach which is carrying out the work.

"We are told it is emergency works to a collapsed manhole," the spokesman said.

Information from Highways England details congestion along the route is due to 'temporary traffic lights'.

On the website, the map states the roadworks and delays are scheduled to occur between August 21 and August 28 and that responsibility for the work is with Openreach (BT).

However, Openreach says the work today is unrelated to work carried out last week.

A spokesman said: "“We are very sorry for any disruption caused to road users on the A629.

"This work is an unplanned emergency repair to a manhole frame and cover. The necessary permissions are in place and engineers will work to complete the job as quickly as possible.”

They added that the company had requested permission from Highways until August 28, but hope to have it completed by the weekend as long as nothing unforseen occurs.