THERE was a fabulous turnout at the 42nd annual show of the Grassington and District Horticultural Show, despite the efforts of ‘mother nature’ to dampen the spirits of all those involved, say organisers,

Unperturbed by the near monsoon conditions, which saw many a runner-bean wigwam being demolished, identical numbers of competitors took to the floor to exhibit.

From the sheer numbers and high quality of flowers and plants on display one could be forgiven for thinking that the adverse weather had bi-passed Grassington and district, with the number of exhibits on a par with previous years.

Unfortunately, the vegetable growers were not so lucky with numbers of entries down by over 40 percent, and none at all in the cauliflower class. However, the quality of the vegetables was generally outstanding.

Mike Cunningham achieved triple success with his Best flower, best fuchsia and most points in show and several other members achieved double trophies.

The Chairman’s Challenge proved particularly entertaining this year as competitors had to grow the heaviest crop of potatoes, from a tiny (barely chitted) seed potato, in a 5-litre plant pot. An outstanding 905 grams (2lbs) was achieved by Cathy Taylor.

The Society would like to thank the Judges - Mrs B. Bell, flower-arranging; Mr K. Jackson, flowers and Mr R. Sorley, vegetables, for their invaluable help in making the show a success.

Trophy Winners

The Grassington Challenge Cup; Most points in show: Mike Cunningham; The Harker-Leder Salver; Most points in vegetables: Philip Johnson; The Society’s Flower Trophy; Most points in flowers: Glenda Priestnall; The Society’s Floral Cup; Most points in flower arranging: Rosie Jowett; The Jim Bell Cup; Master Gardener: Heather Williams; The David Pickles Cup; Best rose exhibit: Glenda Priestnall; The Marshall Rosebowl; Best single flower: Mike Cunningham; The Society Cup; Best vegetable exhibit: Philip Johnson; The Geoff Cowley Upper Wharfedale Trophy; Best Flower arrangement: Rosie Jowett; The Ron Jenkins Award; Best Fuchsia: Mike Cunningham; The Chairman’s Challenge Award; Cathy Taylor; The RHS Medal for most points in show; Mike Cunningham.

Vegetables and Fruit

4 pods of runner beans; 1 P Johnson 2 D Hobson 3 M Cunningham; 4 pods of French beans; 1 J Booth 2 E Butler 3 A Beetham; 4 pods of peas; 1 J Booth 2 K Darwin 3 A Beetham; 4 pods of broad beans; 1 P Johnson 2 S Wheal 3 R Bradley; A lettuce with root; 1 C Colley 2 J Booth 3 C Taylor; 3 beetroots; 1 A Beetham 2 E Butler 3 D Easterby; A pot of a growing herb; 1 G Priestnall 2 H Williams 3 P Johnson; 3 carrots; 1 M Cunningham 2 D Easterby 3 S Wheal; 4 tomatoes; 1 M Cunningham 2 K Hardaker 3 K Darwin; 4 cherry/plum tomatoes; 1 P Johnson 2 H Williams 3 G Priestnall; A cucumber; 1 P Johnson, 2 S Rawlinson 3 S Wheal; 4 white potatoes; 1 P Johnson 2 R. Bradley 3 H Williams; 4 coloured potatoes; 1 R. Bradley 2 E Butler 3 D Easterby; A cauliflower; No exhibits; A cabbage; 1 D Hobson 2 M Cunningham; 6 shallots; 1 K Hardaker 2 K Darwin 3 D Easterby; 3 onions over 8oz; 1 P Johnson 2 M Cunningham 3 D Easterby; 3 onions 8oz or less; 1 P Johnson 2 A Beetham 3 S Wheal; 3 courgettes; 1 R Bradley 2 K Hardaker 3 A Beetham; A marrow; 1 M Cunningham 2 D Hobson; Any vegetable other than above; 1 M Cunningham 2 H Williams 3 A Beetham; 5 different vegetables; 1 M Cunningham 2 B Hanson; The tastiest tomato; 1 H Williams 2 P Johnson 3 P Wright; 4 orchard fruits; 1 M Cunningham 2 S Rawlinson 3 R Jowett .


5 annuals; 1 M Cunningham 2 C Colley 3 D Hobson; 7 perennials; 1 S Rawlinson 2 G Priestnall 3 R Jowett; 5 antirrhinums; 1 G Priestnall 2 W Berrington; 6 violas; 1 G Priestnall 2 R Jowett; 6 pansies; 1 G Priestnall; 3 cactus dahlias; 1 S Rawlinson 2 G Priestnall 3 H Dean; 3 dahlias; 1 M Cunningham 2 S Rawlinson, 3 G Priestnall; 1 dahlia; 1 S Rawlinson 2 M Cunningham 3 G Priestnall; 1 sweet pea; 1 G Priestnall 2 M Cunningham; 7 sweet peas; 1 S Rawlinson 2 G Priestnall 3 D Hobson; 1 rose; 1 G Priestnall 2 S Wheal 3 C Smith; 3 roses; 1 S Rawlinson 2 G Priestnall; 3 floribunda-rose sprays; 1 W Berrington 2 G Priestnall; 1 gladiolus; 1 M Cunningham 2 S Rawlinson; 3 gladioli; 1. M Cunningham; 5 phlox; 1 D Dean, 2 S Wheal 3 W Berrington; 3 pinks or border carnations; 1 G Priestnall 2 S Rawlinson 3 R Jowett; 1 fuchsia; 1 M Cunningham 3 H Williams 2 G Priestnall; A flowering pot plant; 1 R Jowett 2 D Dean 3 A Colquhoun; A foliage plant; 1 D Dean 2 G Priestnall 3 M Cunningham.

The Chairman’s Challenge

Heaviest weight of potatoes, grown in 5L pot from seed potato given by Chairman; 1 C Taylor 2 P Wright 3 G Priestnall

Flower Arrangements

My garden flowers; 1 P Wright 2 F Maud 3 H Williams; An arrangement not to exceed 4” cube; 1 F Maud 2 C Smith 3 A Schindler; An arrangement in pink; 1 J Goodings 2 J Whittaker 3 G Priestnall; An arrangement in a recycled container; 1 P Wright 2 G Priestnall 3 J Whittaker; A dish of floating flowers; 1 G Priestnall 2 R Jowett 3 D Hobson; An arrangement of flowers and foliage in tones of one colour; 1 R Jowett 2 F Maud 3 G Priestnall.


A decorated stone; 1 E Binns 2 T Wheal 3 B Wheal; A vegetable animal; 1 T Wheal 2 Blake Wheal

Master Gardener; 1 vase of flowers, 1 pot plant, 3 different vegetables; 1 H Williams 2 D Hobson 3 S Wheal