CLASSMATES went back to school in Skipton exactly 50 years to the day after they first turned up as new girls.

It was on September 3 1969 that a nervous group of 11 year olds arrived to begin their educational journey at Skipton Girls’ High School.

Half a century later they returned to the school in Gargrave Road to meet up and see their old classrooms thanks to a tour led by Sally Bullock – also a former pupil who now works at the school.

They also visited the hall where they had gathered each day for morning assembly, the ‘hollow ‘where they had played netball and tennis, and the gym where they had gathered on their first day to be sorted into forms.

And the group of nine - now all in their 60s - had another picture taken at the spot where several of them were pictured 50 years ago.

Heather Sheldrick said: “Reassuringly nothing much had changed in the gym where it all started 50 years ago.”

And, Margaret Joyce (nee Abrahams) added: What an amazing day and trip down memory lane.”