A SUNNY and bright day favoured the annual Horton-in-Ribblesdale agricultural and horticultural show held at the weekend in the old school and adjoining field, writes Caroline Thompson.

The show successfully maintains the fine traditions of a small village show which has its origins back in the early 1900`s.

The indoor section has a fantastic reputation for some of the finest baking in the area and the selection of classes is amazing, would our forbears have ever imagined back in those early days that there would be a class for two Indian cuisine snacks of the same type?

Eileen Beresford of Newby Head Farm won the trophy for the most points in the confectionery section and also the cup for the best exhibit, her baking finesse saw her collect eight first prize awards, not withstanding seconds and thirds too.

The handicraft section saw entries of a professional standard and again the selection of classes encompassed some new idea`s, the metre of homemade bunting really was a celebration of work.

The standard in the sheep classes was first class and there was a good show of traditional breeds but it was Katie Collin`s Valais Blacknose male lamb born in February of this year which drew lots of admiration from the many visitors to the show.

Jessica Lambert of Selside Zwarbles won the on field championship for the second year in succession. This year it was her homebred gimmer lamb which took the accolade. The outstanding lamb also won the interbreed championship at Gargrave Show and Jessica is hoping its next outing to Kendal County show will be equally successful.

First time exhibitor to the show was Paul Hallam of High Birkwith Farm and he was successful in the Swaledale section when he was awarded the Alexander Morphet Cup for the champion Swaledale, The Peter Wood trophy for the best exhibit in the local section and a trophy for the best female, son Robbie won the Foredale tankard for the best pair of gimmer lambs and the Dawson cup for the best fleeced sheep.

Another new name to grace a further two trophies in the Swaledale section was Matthew Sedgewick who had the best tup lamb and the best male.

The vintage tractor, vintage vehicle and the dogs and pet classes all had record entries. The on field vehicles formed the perfect backdrop to the rural show.

The event was a celebration of village and community life and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone but amongst the joy was also some sadness.

In March of this year, local farmer Gary Middleton sadly passed away following a tragic farm accident. Gary was very committed to village life in general and he was a passionate worker and rotating chairman of the show committee.

He was in so many peoples thoughts on Saturday and this year’s chairman and great friend and farming colleague Barrie Thomas paid tribute to him before the prize giving event.

It was a difficult speech for Barrie to prepare and deliver. He thanked Gary`s son Ryan for taking over as vice chairman and said how proud his father would have been for the brilliant job he had done. A minute’s silence was observed.

Gary`s sister , Jill presented a trophy in memory of her father who also sadly died this year. The H. Middleton ( Pom ) memorial trophy was awarded to young Jonty Charnley as the best young handler up to 11 years of age. Ryan then presented the G.Middleton memorial trophy to the best young handler, 11 to 16 years, this was won by Abbey White. The 2019 gala princess,Daisy Pilkington presented the remaining trophies.

A really successful show, well delivered in difficult circumstances by a hard working team of committee members and well supported by some very talented entrants with a high standard of exhibits.

Trophy and prize winners:

Marmaduke White Cup for the on field champion & Joan Barker Salver for champion Zwartble: Jessica Lambert; Reserve on field champion: Tracey Sutcliffe; Crown Hotel Cup for Champion Dalesbred, trophies for best male, and best Dalesbred group: John Carr; Alexander Morphet cup for champion Swaledale and trophies for best local exhibit, and best female; Paul Hallam; Golden Lion Cup for champion Texel: Sam Morphet; Frankland Cup for champion blue faced Leicester: James Middleton;Waterston Cup for champion mule gimmer lambs: Abbey White.; Trophies for best male in the Swaledale section and best tup lamb: Matthew Sedgewick; Trophies for best fleeced sheep in the Swaledale section and best pair of local gimmer lambs: Robbie Hallam.; Trophies for best fleeced sheep in the Dalesbred section, best female and the best Masham lamb: Neal Jackson.; G.Middleton memorial trophy for best young handler, up to 11years of age: Jonty Charnley; H.Middleton ( Pom ) memorial trophy for the best young handler, eleven to sixteen years of age: Abbey White; Sarginson cup to the winner of the shortbread class: Elizabeth Mason; Trophies for best overall exhibit in the Confectionery section and the exhibitor over thirteen years of age gaining most points in the section:Eileen Beresford; Trophies for most points in the flower section and best exhibit: Elizabeth Staig; Trophy for exhibitor eleven years and under gaining most points in the handicraft section: Thomas Harrison; Trophy for the best photograph taken by a child under sixteen years: Zoe Thomas; Trophy for exhibitor aged twelve to sixteen years gaining most points in the confectionery section: Emily Palmer; Trophy for most points gained by the exhibitor eleven years and under in the confectionery section: Ellie Forster; Trophy for the best children’s handwriting: Rosie Wilson; trophy for the best exhibit in the Needlework section: Eileen Coates; Trophy for the exhibitor gaining most points in the Horticultural section: J.Burdett; Trophy for the best exhibit in the Horticultural section: Harry Armstrong; Trophy for the best exhibit in the Handicraft section: C.Treglown; Trophy for the best overall photograph: Jo Woods; Trophy for the best Vintage tractor: M.Campbell; Trophy for the best Vintage Vehicle: P.Shackleton; Trophy for the champion exhibit in the Under sixteen age group in the indoor section: Charlotte Wilson.

Full results:

Blue faced Leicester Ram-aged: 1. J.Millman 2. M.Dodd. Blue faced Leicester Ram Lamb: 1&2. A.White 3. J.Middleton. Blue faced gimmer lamb: 1&2. A.White 3. J.Caton. Blue faced Leicester female shearling & upwards: 1. J.Middleton 2. M. Sutcliffe 3.

A.White. Five mule gimmer lambs: 1. A.White 2. M.Sutcliffe 3.

J.Millman. Two mule gimmer lambs: 1. A.White 2. M.Sutcliffe 3.

A.White. One Mule Gimmer lamb: 1. A.White 2. J.Caton 3.

M.Sutcliffe. Dalesbred Gimmer lamb: 1. N.Jackson 2&3. J.Carr. Dalesbred shearling gimmer: 1. J.Carr 2. D.Lambert 3. N.Jackson. Dalesbred aged Ram: 1. N.Jackson 2. I.Mounsey. Dalesbred shearling

Ram: 1. J.Carr 2. N.Jackson 3. D.Charnley. Dalesbred Ram lamb: 1.

D.Lambert 2. N.Jackson 3. J.Carr. Dalesbred suckled ewe: 1. J.Carr 2. D.Lambert 3. N.Jackson. Dalesbred group: 1. J.Carr 2. D.Lambert 3. D.Charnley. Two Masham Gimmer lambs: 1. N.Jackson 2.

D.Charnley. Swaledale gimmer lamb: R.Hallam 2. S.Raine 3.

B.Raine. Two Swaledale gimmer lambs: 1. R.Hallam 2. B.Thomas. Swaledale Shearling gimmer: 1. R.Hallam 2. B.Thomas 3. M.Sedgewick. Swaledale Ram lamb: 1. M.Sedgewick 2. S.Raine 3. B.Thomas. Swaledale suckled ewe: 1. P.Hallam 2. B.Raine 3. B.Thomas. Swaledale

group: B.Thomas. Zwartble shearling & above: 1. J.Lambert 2.

H.Parsons. Zwarble female shearling: 1&2. C.Slee. Zwartble suckled ewe: 1. C.Slee 2. I.Eccleston. Zwartble gimmer lamb: 1.

J.Lambert 2. R.Lambert 3. C.Slee. Zwartble Ram lamb: 1. H.Parsons 2. C.Slee 3. J.Lambert. Rare & Minority breed: 1. T.Sutcliffe 2.

K.Collin 3. A.White. Texel aged Ram: 1. J.James. Texel female

shearling: 1. S.Morphet 2. R.Sunter 3. J.James. Texel suckled ewe:

1. Olivia.Newhouse 2. R.Sunter 3. S.Morphet. Texel Gimmer lamb: 1.

D.Wood 2. R.Sunter 3. R.Middleton. Texel Ram lamb: 1. R.Middleton 2. D.Wood 3. .J.James. Two fat crossbred lambs: 1. R.Sunter 2.

J.James. Best young handler up to eleven years: 1. Jonty Charnley 2.

Izzy James 3. Scarlett Charnley. Best young handler eleven to sixteen

years: 1. Abbey White 2. Isaac Eccleston 3. Bella Raine.

Vintage tractor: 1. M.Campbell 2. C.Hickson 3. W.Armstrong. Vintage

Vehicle: P.Shackleton 2. G.Woolf 3. P.Rose.

Large Pet dog: 1. Archie 2. Frank 3. Flynn. Small pet dog: 1.

Reggie 2. Juke 3. Lewis. Sheepdog: 1. Alfie 2. Jackson 3. Rock and Bliss.

Fruit Cake: 1&2. E.Beresford 3. D.Wood. Gingerbread: 1. E.Beresford 2. H.Huddleston 3. H.Armstrong. Chocolate Cake: 1. E.Beresford 2.

C.Middleton 3. H.Armstrong. No bake tray bake: 1. V.Johnson 2.

H.Armstrong 3. H.Huddleston. Novelty Cake: 1. H.Armstrong 2.

C.Middleton 3. E.Mason. Tea loaf: 1. H.Armstrong 2. E.Beresford 3.

J.Campbell. Lemon Drizzle: 1. V. Johnson 2. T.Harrison 3.

E.Beresford. Fruit scones: 1. E.Beresford 2. H.Armstrong 3.

H.Huddleston. Savoury scones: 1. J.Campbell 2. S.Aikin 3.

H.Huddleston. Chocolate Brownies: 1. E.Beresford 2. J.Woods 3.

H.Huddleston. Traybake: 1&2. H.Huddleston 3. H.Armstrong. Fruit

Pie: 1. E.Beresford 2. H.Armstrong 3. H.Huddleston. Victoria Sandwich cake: 1.D.Wood 2. E.Beresford 3. H.Huddleston. Butterfly buns; 1. D.Wood 2. E.Beresford 3. P.Swainson. Biscuits: 1. E.Mason 2. E.Beresford 3. H.Armstrong. Cold sweet: 1. E.Beresford 2.

E.Mason 3. H.Armstrong. Swiss roll: 1. E.Beresford 2. D.Wood 3.

H.Huddleston. Shortbread: 1. E.Mason 2. S.Lambert 3. L.Graham.

Quiche: 1. H.Armstrong 2. D.Wood 3. H.Huddleston. Bakewell tart:

1. H.Armstrong 2. R.Aiken 3. E.Beresford. Lemon cheese: 1&2.

E.Beresford 3. H.Sergeant. Jam: 1,2,3: H.Huddleston. Marmalade:

1. E.Beresford 2. C.Pryor 3. H.Huddleston. Indian Cuisine: 1.

N.Tomlinson 2. &3. H.Armstrong. Made by a gentleman: 1. P.Tebbutt 2. C.Pryor.

Childrens classes - 7 years and under: Chocolate Crispies: 1. Leila Newhouse 2. Harry Fothergill. Decorated biscuits: 1. Harry Fothergill 2. Leila Newhouse 3. Erin Hawkins. Chocolate Muffins: 1.

Harry Fothergill 2. Leila Newhouse. Decorated mask: 1. Leila Newhouse 2. Harry Fothergill 3. Erin Hawkins. Decorated Pizza base: 1. Rosie Wilson 2. Leila Newhouse 3. Harry Fothergill. Item made with Hama

beads: 1. Emily Harrison 2. Harry Fothergill 3. Leila Newhouse.

Handwriting: 1. Harry Fothergill 2. Emily Harrison 3. Leila Newhouse.

8-11 years - Cookies: 1. Ellie Forster 2. Zoe Thomas 3. Ellie Fothergill. Chocolate Muffins: 1. Ellie Forster 2. Zoe Thomas 3.

Ellie Fothergill. Flapjack: 1. Ellie Fothergill 2. Ellie Forster 3. Olivia Newhouse. Decorated mask: 1. Olivia Newhouse 2. Ellie Forster 3. Ellie Fothergill. Decorated Pizza base: 1. Ellie Forster 2. Olivia Newhouse 3. Ellie Fothergill. Item made with Hama beads:

1. Ellie Fothergill 2. Thomas Harrison 3. Olivia Newhouse.

Handwriting: 1. Rosie Wilson 2. Ellie Fothergill 3. Olivia Newhouse.

12-16 years - Novelty Cake; 1. Emily Palmer. Quiche: 1. Emily Palmer.

Chocolate Muffins: 1. Ruby Thomas 2. Barnaby Fothergill 2.

Elizabeth Swainson. Cookies: 1. Ruby Thomas 2. Barnaby Fothergill 3. Emily Palmer. Chocolate Cake: Emily Palmer. Handmade item: 1.

Charlotte Wilson. Christmas decoration: 1. Elizabeth Swainson. A

bookmark: 1. Barnaby Fothergill 2, Elizabeth Swainson 3. Ruby Thomas. Handwriting: 1. Elizabeth Swainson 2. Ruby Thomas 3.

Charlotte Wilson

Handwork 11 years and under: 1. Thomas Harrison 2. Harry Fothergill 3.

Ellie Fothergill. Artwork 11 years and under: 1. Ellie Forster 2. Erin Hawkins 3. Ellie Fothergill.

Handwork 12 - 16 years: 1. Emily Palmer 2. Elizabeth Swainson. Artwork 12 -16 years: 1. Barnaby Fothergill.

Handknitted item: 1. M.Middleton 2. C.Treglown 3. L.Warren. Tapestry or cross stitch: 1. E.Coates 2. P.Swainson 3. J.Atkinson.

Patchwork,quilting,applique: 1. M.Middleton 2. E.Coates 3. C.Treglown.

Soft furnishings: 1. P.Swainson 2. J.Atkinson 3. E.Coates. Any other item: 1. P.Swainson 2. J.Woods 3. E.Coates. Animal made from

fruit: 1. C.Armstrong 2. E.Fothergill 3. H.Fothergill. Handwork over 16 years: 1. P.Swainson 2. M.Middleton 3. L.Tebbutt. Artwork over 16 years: 1,2,3 . C.Treglown. Article made by a gentleman: 1.

P.Atkinson 2. J. Crowson 3. P.Atkinson. Handmade greetings card: 1.

P. Swainson 2. E.Beresford 3. Rosie Wilson. Sugar craft: 1.

L.Sunter 2. P.Swainson. Metre of homemade bunting: 1. & 3.

C.Treglown 2. M.Middleton.

White potatoes: 1. J.Burdett 2. H.Huddleston 3. S.Lambert. Coloured

Potatoes: 1. S.Lambert 2. H.Huddleston. Peas: 1. J.Burdett. One Veg,one flower: 1. H.Huddleston 2. S.Lambert 3. J.Campbell. Onions:

1&2. H.Armstrong 3. J.Campbell. Carrots: 1. L.Shackleton 2.

P.Shackleton 3. H.Huddleston. Cabbage: 1. J.Burdett 2. H.Huddleston.

Turnips: 1. J.Burdett 2. S.Lambert. Beetroot: 1.& 2. H.Armstrong 3. H.Huddleston. Tomatoes: 1&2. H.Armstrong 3. J.Campbell. Cucumber:

1. J.Campbell 2. H.Huddleston 3. S.Lambert. Any other Veg: 1&2.

J.Burdett. 3. H.Armstrong. Hens eggs: 1. Rosie Wilson 2. F.Durham 3.


Homegrown flowers: 1. E.Staig 2. J.Campbell 3. P.Swainson.

Flowers,same bloom: 1. E.Staig 2. H.Huddleston 3. E.Beresford. Flowering houseplant: 1. L.Graham 2. J.Burdett 3. H.Huddleston. Foliage houseplant: 1. P.Swainson 2. Annie Lambert 3. E.Beresford. Succulent or Cactus: 1. E.Staig 2. Rosie Wilson 3. K.Collin. One Rose:

1. E.Staig 2. J.Campbell 3. H.Huddleston. Saucer of flower heads:

1. E.Staig 2. H.Huddleston. Miniature garden over 12 years : 1.

E.Staig. Miniature garden under 11 years: 1. Thomas Harrison 2. Zoe Thomas 3. Emily Harrison. Flower arrangement: 1. E.Staig 2&3 H.Huddleston.

Landscape photos: 1. J.Woods 2. S.Lambert 3. E.Staig. Photo, subject to begin with `S` : 1. J.Woods 2. M.Lambert 3. P.Swainson.

Photo,woodland: 1. S.Lambert 2. M.Lambert 3. J.Woods. Photo,a happy

occasion: 1. E.Staig 2. E.Mason 3. A.Lambert. Photo - captioned: 1.

E.Mason 3. J.Wilson 3. S.Lambert. Photo,black and white or sepia:

1. J.Woods 2. P.Tebbut 3. J.Woods. Photo, animals: 1. A.Lambert 2.

E.Staig 3. J.Burdett. Photo animals, 11 years and under: 1. Zoe Thomas 2. Ellie Forster 3. Charlotte Wilson. Photo, animals, 12 -16 years:

1. Elizabeth Swainson 2. Barnaby Fothergill 3. Ruby Thomas.