A GROUP of villagers in Upper Wharfedale is campaigning to keep the UK within the European Union.

‘Upper Wharfedale for Europe’ is made up of business people, bus drivers, farmers, students, unemployed and retired people in Buckden, Grassington and other villages and hamlets.

They say they are angry that their voices are not being heard, and believe that the country is being ‘propelled towards a cliff edge’.

Spokesman Peter Vetch, said:“The new Government is ignoring the views of the millions of people who voted to remain in Europe or now regret voting to leave, those who signed a petition for a second referendum and those who objected to the suspension of Parliament.

“The country is now being propelled towards a cliff edge by reckless politicians clinging to the support of a dwindling number of people who they continue to mislead.”

Mr Vetch added: “We are a group of ordinary, normal people, a complete cross-section of the community, including many who would not usually get involved in protesting and campaigning. But we have had enough of the current political pantomime that threatens much of what we believe in. It is time for sensible people to speak out.”

The group says it represents all who want to remain in the EU, including those who originally voted to leave, but who now believe they were mislead in the run up to the referendum in 2016 and are now opposed to leaving without a deal.

Its members are not aligned with any political party but says it wants to see an alliance of parties working together to stop Brexit and defeat the current Brexit Government at the next election.

Members will shortly be delivering leaflets to houses in Upper Wharfedale and the surrounding areas.

The group has already written to Skipton MP Julian Smith, expressing ‘serious disquiet’ over the prorogation - or suspension - of parliament and is contacting the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green prospective parliamentary candidates urging them to agree on a single candidate for the expected coming election to defeat any other candidates trying to take the UK out of Europe.

Mr Vetch said: “The EU has given us 60 years of peace, security and friendship across Europe. In what way is it sensible to throw that away.”

Upper Wharfedale for Europe also argues that the EU protects the rights of citizens and workers effectively, that it is a powerful trading block ensuring high standards of food production and the safety of products such as electrical goods, cars and children’s toys, and that it promotes scientific research bringing about some of the greatest medical and scientific advances in the world.

The group believes leaving the EU could disrupt health care, risk food shortages and rising costs, increase poverty and inequality, lead to greater racist and sectarian violence, and threaten peace and security – a view confirmed by the release of the Government’s own Operation Yellowhammer planning assumptions.

The group is calling on people who share its views to join the campaign and show solidarity and support for the EU in any way they can, including writing to their MP or ward councillor for both North Yorkshire County Council and Craven District Council.

It is also calling on people to take part in The People’s Vote:Let Us Be Heard march in London on October 19.