The largest county in England will monitor the availability of medicine and potentially stockpile fuel as part of a series of “risk-reduction” actions undertaken to proof against a potential no-deal Brexit.

North Yorkshire County Council’s Brexit Arrangements document, obtained via a Freedom Of Information request, reveals the county’s 24-point action plan to reduce the risks that could arise in the event of Britain leaving the European Union without a deal.

The document includes the possibility of stockpiling fuel for the county’s vehicles, with the authority to ensure their contracted maintenance company Ringway maintain required stocks “and ideally more”.

It’s just one of the points included in the plan, with all noted for action by October 31 – the date Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pinpointed that Britain will leave the EU with or without a deal.

The county will also and monitor the availability of medicines in the event of  no-deal, as well as carrying out mapping of staff skill-sets across the county to ensure that services such as adult social care aren’t impacted.

Also included is that the county council will monitor “the potential knock on effect” of an increase in wages following Brexit and the potential outflux of EU citizens.

It has been reported previously that Brexit could potentially see wages in some sectors rise if a skills-shortage arises due to EU nationals leaving Britain.

Earlier this year, then-minister for housing, communities and local government James Brokenshire announced a £40m Government funding pool for local authorities to be used for Brexit planning.

From that, North Yorkshire was set to receive £175k over 2018/19 and 2019/20.