SIR - Very soon we may be facing a General Election, at which candidates of various hues will be vying for our support, as is their right in a democracy.

One group will, undoubtedly, be the Brexit Party who will present themselves as the true defenders of the ordinary people. The average ‘man or woman about town’.

The reality is rather different

There are 748 sitting MEPs. Of these 227 have outside interests that pay them also.

It is interesting that five of the 12 top paid are Brexit Party MEPs, with that ‘common man’, their Leader Nigel Farage being the fourth highest of those five with outside interest payments of around £319, 000 per year. He also has one of the lowest attendances records in the European Parliament, whilst quite cheerfully pocketing his salary.

Makes one think, doesn’t it?

Councillor Alan Hickman (Labour)

Keighley Road