SIR - Mr Van der Gucht (We will have to find a way to get along, Craven Herald letters, September 26) raises a very serious issue. The Brexit divide is a fracture running through this country and liable to get wider given the dreadful language, threats and almost military posturing our elected representatives, and others, are indulging in.

Perspective is needed, the EU did not introduce austerity, it does not shape our NHS, dictate our military budget or social care system.

We seem to forget this is a trade deal we are talking about, not a war with the EU or each other.

The Cameron referendum was ill devised and any ensuing agreement was always going to be a difficult compromise, attempting to honour the result and respecting the highly significant minority. ( not to mention those who did not vote and three years’ worth of new voters)

At some stage we are going to have to calm ourselves and resolve to accept and understand the other point of view, or I fear the consequences.

Robert W Simpson