A FULL English brought in more than £200 for the Ataxia UK charity at Crosshills Social Club.

Volunteers at the club in Main Street raised £209 during two days of serving breakfasts in return for a £3 donation.

Club secretary Anita Robertson and Carol Ellison cooked the breakfasts, with help from members of Anita's family who served as waitresses.

Anita's friend Tracy Carr, 49, from Silsden, was diagnosed with Polyneuropathy in 2012 then idiopathic Cerebellum Ataxia, Atrophy and Dystonia Tremors.

Anita said: "I hope that one day a cure will be found, as watching what Tracy has to go through on a daily basis is heartbreaking. It makes her life very difficult.

“She suffers from falls and tremors on a daily basis and has difficulty eating and drinking. Her weight has plummeted over the last year because of this. Her courage and determination not to give up is something which I find amazing and humbling.

Ataxia is an umbrella term for a group of neurological disorders that affect balance, co-ordination and speech. Ataxia UK receives no money from the government so relies solely on donations."

Anita added: "Tracy also set up a donation page on Facebook, raising a further £50 to take the total to £259. Raising that amount of money made it all worthwhile."

Crosshills Social Club said it wanted would like to thank everybody who it along to breakfast.