COUNTY and district councillor Andy Solloway has been co-opted onto Skipton Town Council to replace Cllr Martin Emmerson, who died earlier this year.

Cllr Solloway, who represents Skipton West on North Yorkshire County Council and Skipton South on Craven District Council, where he is leader of the Independent group, was one of six candidates to put themselves forward to fill the Skipton South seat.

At a special meeting of the council yesterday, five of the candidates addressed the council for up to three minutes and answered questions, including what role they would like to take up on the council, if they were elected.

There was then four rounds of voting to achieve an absolute majority, with the candidate with the least number of votes being knocked out each time. The final round saw Cllr Solloway with eight votes, William Morton with two, and Brian McDaid with four votes.

Cllr Solloway said he thought Skipton had a very exciting future and that he like Cllr Emmerson before him would work for the best of residents and visitors.

“I think that Skipton Town Council faces exciting, positive, maybe challenging times ahead. I am also pleased that the town council is becoming more involved with environmental projects and promoting this agenda.”

He added as a ‘triple-hatted’ councillor, he would be able to mediate with the different layers of local government.