By Chris Wright, Corporate Finance Director, Armstrong Watson

THE sale of your business can be an opportunity to fully realise the value of your hard work. A chance to redress the balance and reap some of the rewards for the sleepless nights, long working days, missed family occasions and the many other sacrifices you’ve undoubtedly made on this roller-coaster journey called entrepreneurship.

The sale of a business can be unchartered terrain for many entrepreneurs and the key question is how do you present an attractive proposition which will optimise shareholder value? Some careful planning and structuring can help and working with Armstrong Watson’s Corporate Finance and tax teams can make the difference.

Here at Armstrong Watson we take the time to understand your business, the likely synergies that your business will have with strategic purchasers and agree a carefully targeted marketing strategy designed to maximise value and help ensure a successful completion. We will work with you every step of the way.

The sale of a business is an emotional, time consuming and often stressful process but our experienced team working partnership with you and are committed to helping you navigate through the complexities of the process.

Early planning and seeking the advice of specialists can improve the efficiency of the sale process, make your business as attractive a proposition as possible and, ultimately, lead to a more valuable return on your investment. Time constraints and a lack of preparation can suppress value.

When preparing to sell, you should try to analyse your business through the eyes of a purchaser. What are your strengths (e.g. great product, great service) and what are your weaknesses (e.g. over reliance on certain customers)? It’s all about adding value and ensuring that your business is ‘skeleton free’.

Whilst we all know about the current political uncertainty, the Corporate Finance team at Armstrong Watson believe that taking your business out to the market demonstrates a real confidence that your business is ‘Brexit-proof’.

If you would like any advice in relation to your business or selling a business, please get in touch with Chris Wright on 0113 2211 300 or email