SHERLOCK HOLMES is setting out to solve his greatest mystery on a moonlit moor near you!

The great detective’s adventure will be performed in Sutton, Skipton, Lothersdale and Guiseley by a new theatre group.

The Amateur Rural Society of Entertainers and Singers have been preparing their epic production for months.

In reality, the group is the creation of the popular Falling Stars Theatre who perform every year at Glusburn’s Fallfest.

They are performing Sherlock Holmes And the The Beast of Wherever We Are, written by Geoffrey Parker. Falling Stars director Rebecca Durham described the play as an ‘antimime’ for grown-ups.

She said: “The director is manic, the actors excited and slightly shell-shocked, and Sherlock Holmes has swallowed a fish bone.

“Join Sherlock, Watson and Woofer on a journey to deepest, darkest Yorkshire in search of a beast. Expect laughs, mayhem and a jolly evening of entertainment but don’t expect everything to go right.”

Rebecca said her real-lifeFalling Stars team had recently touring their play Here I Belong.

He said: “We had fantastic audience feedback and the play very much related to people living in villages in the Dales/Craven area. We have decided to do a new tour in the spring, with many village halls still to perform at.”

The Sherlock Holmes play can be seen at Sutton Village Hall (November 9), Guiseley Theatre (December 6), Skipton Little Theatre (December 7) and Lothersdale Village Hall (December 13).

Visit or call 07816 269690 to book tickets. Anyone who wants Falling Stars to perform their village should call the number.