ADDINGHAM electors go to the polls on November 28 to vote on the village’s Neighbourhood Plan.

Following formal examination of the draft Plan, the planning authority, Bradford Council, accepted the examiner’s report and has now set the date and timetable for the referendum to be held on November 28.

This will be the opportunity for all local electors in the parish to vote on the Plan. If it is approved, it will be adopted by the planning authority for use as part of the overall planning framework for determining applications for development in the village from now until 2030.

From the end of October until the date of the referendum, the Parish Council will be running a special exhibition, interactive display and slideshow in the Old School Hub, charting the development of the Plan through all its stages and explaining how it is all put together. The event is fully open to the public during the Hub’s opening hours (Monday to Thursday mornings and Friday afternoons) and also on Saturday mornings.

Chairman of the Parish Council, Catherine Coates said: “We are here at last! Our Neighbourhood Plan has passed through all the regulatory hoops, thanks to many months and indeed years of hard work by councillors and village volunteers. Come and see for yourself – come to the exhibition in the Hub and check up on our work! The Plan’s policies reflect what people have told us they want, and now is the time for everyone to confirm this and cast a vote to put the Plan in place.

“I’m asking everyone to use their vote and help decide the future of the village.”

Jim Robinson, Chairman of the Civic Society and member of the Parish Council’s Plan Review Group, added: “We are at a crucial stage in the Neighbourhood Planning process where everyone on the electoral register in our parish has a chance to vote. If the document is adopted it will help protect our green spaces, safeguard the character of our beautiful village and help shape future development. I hope the village will support the Plan by voting in the referendum on the 28th of November.”

Ward Councillor, Adrian Naylor (Ind, Craven) said: “When we first started working on Addingham’s Neighbourhood Plan it was to ensure that the views of the people of Addingham would be taken into account in any future planning applications made in the village.

“The referendum is the final step in that process and I would like to thank everyone who has worked on this plan to get it to the referendum.

“Now is the chance for the people of Addingham to ensure that Bradford has to take Addingham’s views into account when deciding future planning applications. Please go out and vote to protect Addingham’s future on November 28th.”