THE FAVOURED option for a new crossing at the Silsden/Steeton roundabout on the Aire Valley Road could be known by Christmas.

Keighley MP John Grogan this week revealed the latest news of plans to provide a safe crossing, such as footbridge, pelican or footbridge, linking Silsden with the Steeton/Silsden railway station.

He spoke after receiving a progress report from Bradford Council on the project, which has been subject to long delays while a feasibility study was organised.

The council told Mr Grogan that assessment of potential crossing methods had included additional cycle route planning. A shortlist of options had been drawn up, and sent to stakeholders for their views.

The council added: “The next stage is the Outline Business Case which will arrive at a preferred option, taking into account economic benefits, with findings due to be received in December.

Mr Grogan said: “The good news is that by Christmas we should know what is the best and most economic way to get a crossing for pedestrians and cyclists across the road linking Silsden with the railway station. The task in 2020 will be to identify the funds to build it.”