SIR - I refer to the lead article (Anger at shops and flats plan for town, October 31) which I read with incredulity. How Craven District Council can come up with such a half baked scheme defies belief.

The artist's impression obviously leads one to the inevitable conclusion that behind this lies another supermarket which we need like a hole in the head. That apart were it to come to fruition where would customers park? No doubt Town Head making the situation there even worse. I gather that the toilets at Whitefriars would be moved to adjacent the Victoria Hall. My wife is a volunteer two and a half days a week at Age UK Settle and tells me that the first thing the multitude of elderly coach passengers wish to know if they have not already found it is the location of the nearest toilets! Under this proposal there would undoubtedly be some close calls.

Parking places would be reduced the more so if another proposal to place double yellow lines along both sides of Church Street from the railway viaduct to near the bridge over the Ribble exacerbates the situation. Something clearly needs doing here, a less drastic solution would be to place double yellow lines on the left hand side only. In the main properties here are semis with drives and/or garages. The difficulty for them at present is getting in or out. Yellow lines on this side only would allow them to park on their own drive with a sight line to get out. The properties on the opposite side are mainly terraced with no off street parking. Double lines here would force many of them to look elsewhere - Townhead is a prime candidate.

We live on Townhead Avenue the topmost of the many roads, all cul de sacs, whose only entry/exit is via Townhead passing the Settle Health Centre. This is a nightmare. Three weeks ago I drove out on the 200 yard journey to the main road. In that distance I had to take evasive action no less than six times. A car cutting a corner, two trying to extricate themselves from being parked on the pavement, being obstructed joining Townhead Way by vehicles parked right round the junction and finally folk trying to enter/exit the surgery car park.

This sounds like a case of selling the family silver for short term gain after which to hell with the result. I rest my case.

Bob Swallow

Townhead Avenue