BILLY Wilder's classic comedy 'Some Like it Hot' comes to the Plaza Cinema, Skipton on Sunday, December 1.

The latest presentation of Skipton Film Club, the 1959 classic stars Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe in one of the greatest comedies to come out of Hollywood.

Some Like It Hot is by turns sophisticated and sassy. It tells of the adventures of two jazz musicians – played by Curtis and Lemmon – on the run from the Mafia after witnessing the St Valentine’s Day massacre in 1929. Disguising themselves as female musicians, they join an all women jazz band and go on the road - along with singer Sugar Kane, played brilliantly by Marilyn Monroe.

The film plays hilariously with gender stereotypes and audiences expectations – making it both an example of Hollywood film making at its height and yet still modern in its attitudes to the roles people can take on in their search for freedom and happiness.

Paul Valentine, of Skipton Film Club, said: "The film is a joyous comedy ride that defies convention at every turn but never flags as it grips the audience’s funny bone from the very start.

"We are thrilled to present the movie – shot in immaculate monochrome – on the big screen and as part of the beginning of the festive season we are providing a free mince pie for the first 40 people who come to share this great classic with us."

Some Like it Hot is at The Plaza Cinema, Skipton, at 5.15pm on Sunday, December 1. Members and non members welcome.