SANTA and his sleigh will be making his rounds of Skipton and South Craven beginning on Thursday (December 5) right up until the Friday before Christmas.

With his helpers from Skipton Craven Rotary Club, he will set off at 5.45pm on each day, will aim to finish by 8pm, and will also visit nearby streets if he can.

Thursday, December 5: Horse Close, Simbach Close, Greatwood; December 6: Greatwood, Shortbank Road; December 9: Moorview Way to Hurrs Road; December 10: Carleton; December 11: Sackville Street, Dukes Street, Ward Street, Ermysted Street, Sunmoor Drive, Westmoreland Street; December 12: Carleton Road, Carleton Close and Avenue - Burnside; December 13: Bradley; December 16: Princes Drive, Regent, Green Acres, Overdale Grange. December18:Granville Street, The Raikes, Raikeswood Road, Raikes Road, Tarn Moor. December 19:Gargrave Road, Gainsborough Court, Woodlands Drive, Rockwood Drive. December 20: Embsay.

Any last minute changes due to bad weather will be announced on the