A TWENTY-eight home development with an element of eight affordable homes on land to the northeast of Skipton has been rubber-stamped by the district council’s planning committee.

The application, at Crookrise, is a triangular parcel of land fronting onto the A65 and bordering Overdale Trailer Park.

Developers RN Woolers and Co Ltd, were given outline permission for the homes in May last year and the application was back before committee for reserved matters, namely outstanding matters of appearance, scale, landscaping and layout.

Councillor Richard Welch said he was glad to see the affordable housing element ‘peppered’ around the site, rather than kept together. He moved the application for approval.

However, Councillor Chris Rose felt the layout showed the homes to ‘cramped’.

“I feel that particular development has ended up quite crowded. It looks cramped.

“I hope the design will be carefully monitored. It is at the gateway to the Dales.”

Councillor Richard Pringle said he would have liked to have seen a 106 agreement attached to permission for schools. However, he was told that the application before committee was for reserved matters and the development had already been approved in principle with no request for a contribution towards education.

Planning manager Neville Watson said: “You cannot retrospectively apply development principles on an outline application passed before the Local Plan was adopted.”

Cllr Pringle was told the situation was the same regarding his query about a contribution towards addressing the dangerous junction with theA66.

The application is for seven two-bed, 15 three bed, five four-bed and one five-bed homes, built in Yorkshire stone and with an open area for recreation.

Planning officer Andrea Muscroft said the dwellings are proposed to be two-storey and consist of terraced, semi-detached and detached houses with a mixture of detached and integral garages and off-street parking.

The approved access is via a new vehicle road onto the A6131.

She said the wider impact of the development on matters such as drainage, SUDS, a gas pipe which runs through the site, affordable housing provision and open space contribution had been considered and formed part of the outline permission.

No third party representations had been received within the time period, however Skipton Town Council suggested a noise survey be undertaken with the development being at the junction of two main roads. Ms Muscroft said noise impacts had been considered.

Conditions attached to landscaping include the replacement of any trees, hedges or shrubs removed, dying, being severely damaged or becoming seriously diseased within five years of planing shall be replaced with specimens of a similar size and species.

No house on any particular phase shall be occupied until the public open space allocated to that phase has been completed.

A full detailed scheme for the sound insulation of the homes against externally generated noise to be submitted and approved prior to occupation.

Details of foul and surface water drainage to be approved before commencement.