EQUIPMENT has been donated to Airedale Hospital in memory of a man who died last year.

The family of Jim Tattersall, who had been a patient at the Steeton hospital, has presented it with a so-called CoaguChek INR machine.

Dr Zhenya Yankova, a speciality doctor in oral and maxillofacial surgery, said the device would prove invaluable.

“The INR test is for measuring somebody’s clotting – and for our patients on warfarin we need to make sure the clotting is within a certain range before we do the surgery,” said Dr Yankova.

“In maxillofacial surgery we carry out a lot of procedures under local anaesthetic. Previously the patients would have the blood test before the operation and have to wait an hour for it to be processed.

“This machine is like a blood glucose monitor – you just do a finger prick, put the blood on the strip and it measures it. It takes seconds.

“It was very unfortunate circumstances that brought this to us, but we are pleased to have the machine and we are extremely grateful for the family’s kindness.”

Beverley Cox, from the maxillofacial and orthodontic department at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said the machine also enabled blood to be taken quickly in emergency situations.

A presentation box was made for the machine by Martin Bowes, a joiner with AGH Solutions.

Mr Tattersall’s widow, Ann, said she was happy that the equipment was proving useful.

“It was a legacy of my husband for this to happen at Airedale,” she said. “The box is lovely too – we really appreciate it and it just finishes everything off.”