PLANS to build 11 homes at Eastburn have been approved.

Members of Bradford Council’s regulatory and appeals committee gave the go-ahead for the scheme, off Holly Fold.

More than 30 objections had been submitted, including a claim that the three-bed homes were not needed.

But a planning officer said the council’s core strategy identified a need to provide 346 new homes in Steeton with Eastburn up to 2030.

The applicant will be required to pay £25,484 for improvements to local services, including schools.

Before the committee approved the plans, members questioned the access arrangements. To get to the new houses, traffic would have to pass through Holly Fold – an unadopted road owned and maintained by residents of the street.

Keighley West councillor Paul Godwin said: “By approving housing accessed by unadopted roads, are we creating a potential minefield for future residents?”

Members were told that conditions could be added to ensure the development does not negatively impact Holly Fold.