NEW year resolutions and why they are destined to fail will be the topic under discussion at the first, free monthly ‘coffee plus’ event at Skipton Library on Thursday, January 30.

Clinical hypnotherapist, Skipton based Amy Brown from The Power of Your Mind, will aim to de-bunk many of the myths surrounding both hypnotherapy and willpower, highlighting how positive results are achieved by using the subconscious rather than conscious mind as the most powerful tool for physical, mental and emotional self-improvement.

“Understanding the interplay between conscious, subconscious and how to bypass the ‘gatekeeper’ of the subconscious is the first step in achieving personal goals. It’s not simply a question of willpower, as is commonly perceived,” said Ms Brown.

She says in her experience, many people seek help early in the new year after failing to maintain resolutions to get fit, lose weight or quit a habit.

Ms Brown works with clients of all ages to treat a variety of physical and mental conditions including anxiety and stress, sleep disorders, confidence issues and how to relieve pain through clinical hypnotherapy.

Skipton Library’s free coffee plus events are held on the last Thursday of every month at 10.45am. The sessions are aimed at adults and feature a different speaker every time. The library also runs regular sessions including on ancestry, crafts, creative writing.