A PLAN to site timber holiday lodges in Carleton would have a ‘negative’ impact on the rural setting of the area, claims the parish council.

An application to Craven District Council proposes the change of use of agricultural land at Lower Biggin Farm, off Carla Beck Lane, for the siting of seven, single storey, timber clad lodges.

Agents, WBW Surveyors, in a statement to the planning authority, says it is believed that the site, currently used for grazing, would lend itself to an alternative use because of its close proximity to existing residential properties in Carla Beck Lane, and the presence of mature trees.

“Agriculture is under increasing pressure and as such landowners are looking to diversify where possible,” says the supporting statement.

The agents say there is a similar development on Marton Road, Gargrave where the timber lodges are situated next to the River Aire.

“While the site is on the edge of the village, it isn’t close to the centre and it does therefore bear a number of similarities to the applicant’s site near Carleton.”

The intention would be to operate the site as a holiday location, with management likely to be carried out by the applicant’s family, but cleaning and maintenance would be contracted out, to the benefit of the local economy, say the agents.

“With people now looking for alternative holidays and types of accommodation, the proposed site will offer visitors a secluded location yet within close proximity to the well established local amenities and tourist centres of Skipton, Yorkshire and the Dales.”

But, in its comments, Carleton Parish Council says the development is too close to houses and there will be a negative impact on the rural setting where modern lodges are ‘out of keeping with period properties’.

It also has concerns about the impact on the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists and of the loss of trees and the resulting impact on wildlife. There has, however, been no objection from the highways authority.

“Sewage disposal, drainage disposal, increased risk of flooding by the removal of existing soakaway land and the un-qualified benefits to Carleton or Craven economy is far outweighed by the harm that would be done,” says the council.

Almost 40 people have commented on the plans; objections include there not being a need for the type of development, the lodges being out of keeping with the area and a fall in property values in the area.

Objectors add the development would also be visible from Limehouse Lane and Pale Lane and would result in light pollution, which would impact on wildlife.