PIlGRIM guidebooks, timber glamping pods and natural flood management measures are the three latest projects to receive funding from the National Park Authority’s Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) - but there is still £65,000 left in the pot for this financial year and fresh applications are being invited.

The SDF can support projects that help businesses or local communities, such as public toilets refurbishment in Burnsall; it can also support projects which either improve the environment of the National Park, or provide opportunities for people to enjoy it.

A recent grant of £1,185 helped St Alkelda’s Church in Giggleswick print 500 guidebooks and 1,000 leaflets promoting the ‘St Alkeldas Way’, a 33 mile walk through the National Park.

A grant of £10,000 was made to a tenanted farm business on the Bolton Abbey Estate, to help pay for the installation of three new camping pods at Catgill Campsite to improve the range of affordable visitor accommodation.

Meanwhile Thornton Community Projects - the name of a local group in Thornton in Lonsdale - received a grant of £1,345 to help pay for a natural flood management system and biodiversity improvements in Cowgill Wood.

The national park says the system of ‘leaky dams’ should help should reduce the risk of flood water reaching homes in the village.

Sustainable Development Officer Andrea Burden said: “Ideally we like to allocate our annual SDF budget by the end of February each year/

“If you’ve got a great local project that needs support, please get in touch.”

The Sustainable Development Officer can be contacted on 01969 652337 or sdf@yorkshiredales.org.uk