STEETON man Christopher Burridge exposed himself in a petrol service station shop before being racially offensive to a member of staff, heard Skipton Magistrates Court.

Police went to the Morrison’s mini-market in Station Road, Cross Hills, at 10pm on March 16 last year, after a member of staff activated his personal attack alarm, the court heard today (Tuesday).

Burridge, 26, had exposed his genitals while inside the shop before directing racially offensive language to the staff member, the court was told.

He was taken off the premises by friends who were with him at the time, and before police arrived, but later arrested at Cross Hills Social Club where there had been reports of a disturbance, the court was told.

He had four previous convictions for six offences, including a prison sentence for grievous bodily harm in 2017.

Burridge, who admitted exposing himself and using racially aggravated words likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress, was embarrassed about what he had done and had apologised for his behaviour.

In mitigation, Maria Temkow said Burridge had been drinking all day and had no recollection of using the racist words, but accepted he must have done. She added there was nothing sexual in him exposing himself.

“It was unfortunate behaviour, but not sexual, and he was taken out of the shop by his friends who told him to stop. This is a man who has been drinking and has been stupid with his mates. He is embarrassed and ashamed,” she said.

Magistrates,who viewed a short CCTV recording of the incident in the shop, adjourned sentencing of Burridge, of Elmsley Street, Steeton, for a report. He is due to be sentenced at the Skipton court on February 14.