A regular health and lifestyle column from Corinne Yeadon, of the Being Better private therapy practice based in Newmarket Street, Skipton

MANY people were struck down over the Christmas and New Year period by hideously virulent illnesses, myself included.

While feeling cheated about “The Lurgy That Stole Christmas” I vowed to do things differently and look after myself better in 2020.

Swerving illness may not be possible but the ability to recover quicker is far more doable when self care has been prioritised.

From time to time we all “run on fumes’ and keep going when a holiday is on the horizon.

Making declarations of being “ready for a break” will not protect from the inevitable crash.

The old adage, ‘work to live rather than live to work’ is a pretty good philosophy to keep in mind.

Bills need to be paid and there are practicalities that demand an income but if home time is spent purely recovering from working, is that really living?

Positive change can be made at any time of year, however motivation tends to be higher at the beginning of the year.

• What can you introduce to support physical health?

• What can you do to nurture yourself on a regular basis?

• What activities / interests make you happy.

• Refusal skills, avoid over committing!

• Safeguard time for yourself.

• Regular life / Work balance check-in.

• Laughter, costs nothing and has magical wellness properties!

Authentic self care is an ongoing process and not something that can be achieved overnight or by having a bubble bath and lighting a candle once in a while.