A PRIMARY school was lost for words when a local business bought £300 worth of books to help with pupils' reading.

Glusburn Primary School received money towards its reading scheme from Cross Hills company Wave-refrigeration.

Head Richard Hunt said: "We were lost for words at this substantial investment in both reading material and in the children at our school.

"It will help them write the next chapters of their own life-stories, opening up a library of possibilities and future learning.

"We strive to give our children the best start in establishing secure foundations in reading. Our primary intent is to create avid readers which we believe is the foundation for learning.

"If any other local business would like to support the school by perhaps sponsoring a set of books the school would love to hear from you."

Mr Hunt said the school used the Collins Big Cat reading scheme from EYFS to Year 6.

He said: "This supports the school's ambition bition for all children to become fluent readers - through hundreds of high-quality fiction and non-fiction books by award-winning authors and illustrators.

"The school's parent fundraising group (FOGS) have recently committed £4,500 towards the purchase of reading books, supporting our commitment for all children to access and enjoy reading.

"At a time when school funding is limited, the staff, the children and myself are extremely grateful for this generous financial support, using funds generated by parents and families from fundraising events such as the recent Christmas fair."