STEETON Male Voice Choir had a year of continuation on its path of change during 2019, according to its chairman.

David Borley told the choir's annual general meeting there had been hard work from both singers and musical director Cathy Sweet and her team.

He said: "Cathy has designed concerts with different formats thus maintaining our change of direction from the standard format we had adopted for many years.

"Rehearsals continue to be very well attended, which says much for Cathy, the commitment of the choir and the enjoyment of the evening."

Mr Borley praised "highly professional" treasurer John Dowlan for his many hours work, detailed oversight and flawless attention to detail.

Mr Borley added: "The choir remains financially healthy, however, while we have healthy reserves we are running with an annual deficit, although significantly less than predicted last year."

He also highlighted the choir's Ladies Group, led by Janet Bastow, for raising £1,000 of the year's total fundraising total of around £1,500.

Concert income had increased during 2019, with several sold-out venues during the 15 concerts, which ranged from Shipley, Ilkley and Halifax to a tour of Scotland.

Mr Borley praised the "patience and concentration" of choir president Len Wilson in putting together music for the singers, as well his trademark brevity and humour while presenting service awards to nine choir members.

He added: "We are delighted to welcome new members, particularly Chris Wood and Duncan Smith who have recently joined us. We sincerely hope they stay and enjoy the camaraderie and joy of singing and performing."

Mr Borley said he was retiring as chairman because he felt fresh face with new ideas is essential for any organisation to move forward.

He said: "It has been a most enjoyable nine years and I feel hugely privileged to have held that position.

"Over the whole nine years I have led marvellous dedicated committee members all of whom have contributed and committed to what they say they would do."

The choir's next concert will be on March 28 at 7pm at St. Andrew's Reformed Church in Scarborough, sharing the stage with ladies choir The Manhattan Voices.