SIR - You kindly published a letter from me recently asking, not for the first time, that measures be taken to improve safety at the road junction where the A59 meets Harrogate Road/The Bailey in Skipton. I suggested that initially the turning right from the A59 into Skipton be closed off and traffic required to proceed to the A59/A65 roundabout and return. I am delighted to read in last week's Craven Herald (Dangerous junction work is welcomed, February 6) that North Yorkshire County Council are to move to implement this closure.

However, they also need to address the appalling state of the road surface between the junction and the A59/A65 roundabout and perhaps the speed limit there too. Most of all, in the longer term, I agree with our County Councillors that the best solution will be a roundabout replacing the junction with the cost being met by developers who are to build houses close to the junction if that is not too late to achieve.

John Dawson

Skipton Town Councillor

North Ward

Gainsborough Court