A HOUSING association has been urged to 'do the right thing' and get on with the building of an access bridge to its new development of homes in Skipton.

Yorkshire Housing is currently developing the site off Burnside with the first phase of what will eventually be 106 houses.

But although the intention is for access to eventually be off Carleton Road, up to 40 construction vehicles are currently getting to the site via residential Burnside.

Residents are angry that they were never given the chance to oppose plans to allow construction vehicles through the estate.

They currently have to endure heavy traffic coming through the already congested roads from Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 6pm and on Saturday mornings, and also wagons queuing up along Carlton Road.

And, although they say site staff are very accommodating, including with requests to clean the road surface, there are times when wagons turn up out of hours, and residents have to move their cars so they can get through.

Burnside resident, Joan Ibbotson, said some residents were asking why they should have to move their cars.

"Everyone thought the bridge would be built before anything started, we thought there would be a bit of disruption with the bridge, but nothing like this."

Problems for residents have been made worse because of construction work also underway at Wyvern Park.

Tim Forman said he feared what would happen if work on the bridge was delayed.

"In a perfect world, the bridge would have been built first, and this should have happened," he said.

And although Yorkshire Housing has said no homes will be occupied before the bridge is built, they doubt that will happen.

County and district councillor, Andy Solloway said the housing association had a good reputation and he urged them to

Cllr Andy Solloway said: "I would like to appeal to Yorkshire Housing to get the bridge sorted out as quickly as possible to preserve their reputation.

"Yorkshire Housing has a good reputation and this would be a good way of maintaining it."

A Yorkshire Housing spokesperson said: "Yorkshire Housing is committed to building the bridge and has invested significant resource to ensure the bridge work can proceed as soon as possible. Designs for the bridge have been submitted for approval and in parallel, works are in progress to prepare the site for the construction of the bridge.

“Yorkshire Housing reiterate that no one is allowed to occupy the homes until the bridge is complete as per the planning approval. Yorkshire Housing can confirm that they have no intention of revisiting this decision with planning and remain committed to delivering the complete development to provide much needed homes within the local area.”

Yorkshire Housing says it met with residents and councillors before Christmas to discuss concerns and to reaffirm its commitment to 'deliver' the bridge before any houses are occupied.

It's representatives also said there would be 'some disruption' during the construction phase and until the bridge was completed.

It expects that 22 homes in the first phase will be under construction, but not completed by late this year, when it also anticipates the completion of the bridge.

“At that point all construction traffic will use the Carleton Road access and once individual homes are completed and then occupied, the new residents will also be using the Carleton Road access.

“We take all concerns from local residents seriously and are always available to discuss any further question.”

A spokesperson for Henry Boot Developments said: “Following completion of the new roundabout on the A629, our contractors ESH Construction have begun building the access road into the site. Once completed, the new road will enable the start of construction of much-needed new employment space and housing at Wyvern Park. As well as serving Wyvern Park, the new access road will also provide a more direct alternative route to the bypass for nearby residents and businesses.”

In response to construction vehicles using Carleton Road, the spokesperson added: “In order to minimise vehicle movements in the area generally, ESH Construction has a sub-contract with Whitelocks who are based on the adjacent site to Wyvern Park. Although Whitelocks vehicles have no restrictions on using Carleton Road, following a recent complaint, ESH Construction have been reminded that all vehicles for Wyvern Park should access the site from the A629.”

A spokesperson for Craven District Council said: “There are two separate planning permissions. Phase one has an approved access from Burnside Crescent and could be implemented independently.

"Phase two is to be accessed from Carleton Road. Once phase two has been developed the access from Burnside Crescent will be pedestrianised and the whole development (phases one and two) will only have vehicular access from Carleton Road.”