GLUSBURN Community Primary School pupils looked at climate change during this year's UNICEF Day of Change.

Lynn Ashton, the school's Head of Values and Ethos, said the Day of Change supported children's rights to good nutrition, an education, sanitation, clean water, and this year climate change.

She said: "The pupils have been looking at their own carbon footprint and thinking about ways in which they can save or use alternative forms of energy.

"Our UNICEF Team led the children in a day of activities, enjoying the teachers' Glusburn Bake–Off with all cakes decorated on a Climate Change theme."

The winning cake, made by Frances Beckwith on the theme of Australian bushfires, was raffled, and won by year three pupil Martha Sugden.

Lynn added: "There was a Day for Change quiz with winners taking on the roles of head teacher, deputy head teacher, teaching assistant and midday supervisor.

"There were also eco-themed workshops run by ‘Powerdown Pete’ from North Yorkshire Schools, an art competition and a celebratory assembly at the end of the school day for pupils and parents, raising awareness of the need to and make personal changes to slow down climate change."