A regular health and lifestyle column from Corinne Yeadon, of the Being Better private therapy practice based in Newmarket Street, Skipton

FEBRUARY, the month of St Valentines and love.

How much do we genuinely love ourselves?

We have no problem expressing our affection for others yet seem to struggle extoling our own virtues and accepting who we are.

We are often at the back of the queue when taking care of ourselves, electing to prioritise the needs of others before our own.

The niggling voice in our heads is all too vocal when criticising our physical appearance or doubting our capabilities.

We would never be so brutal to others, however, when it comes to ourselves there seems to be no limit to our savagery.

The good news is we have control over our thinking so can change it.

I am a big believer that positivity breeds positivity and vice versa.

Don’t get me wrong we all have crises of confidence and a wobble from time to time but it’s about not letting it overwhelm.

Imagine writing a Valentine’s card to yourself listing your physical attributes and positive characteristics. If the thought of doing this fills you will discomfort and dread, you are precisely the person that needs to do it. A less cringey approach is to consider a person dead or alive who knew you well and loved you unconditionally. How would they would describe your best qualities?

Reflect on your achievements and celebrations throughout your lifetime, there are many, be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished.

If we are unable or unwilling to value ourselves, we are less likely to accept compliments and validation from others. Go on, treat yourself to a hearty dose of positive regard this February.