INGLETON Theatre Group invites people to step into the magical world of Camelot for their 34th production.

The pantomime, ‘Camelot’, is a massive community effort with over 100 members in roles involving not only acting and chorus dancing but also lighting, sound, special effects, props, set construction, scene painting, stage crew, choreography, costumes, hair and make-up, front of house and ticket sales, etc.

A spokesperson said: "The doubters said that Camelot could never be a panto - but oh yes it can!

"Journey with Ingleton Theatre Group back to medieval times and join them at the court of King Uther. Uther has big plans for Prince Arthur and the future of Camelot, all of which hinge on him marrying a rather reluctant Guinevere. Will Arthur be able to woo her?

"Will Guinevere be able to get all the knights around that very large table she's been carrying across the kingdom? Will Morgan le Fay's evil plans to destroy Camelot prevail or will Merlin and his wizardry save the day?

"Join the rest of the comic characters to find out. Fun-filled adventures, colourful costumes, magical songs and toe-tapping dances are just behind the curtain."

The show takes place from February 26-29.