THE CHIEF executive of Craven District Council Paul Shevlin receives an annual base salary of £102,841. Mr Shevlin -the council’s head of the paid service and it's highest paid officer - also receives additional payment in relation to his role as the council’s returning officer.

Other statutory chief officers, the chief finance officer is paid £58,726, plus an additional £2,500 for being section 151 officer; and the solicitor to the council is paid £57,374, plus an additional £2,500 for being the council’s monitoring officer.

Two non statutory chief officers, the director of services, is paid £81, 190; and the strategic manager, planning and regeneration, is paid £57,374. All also receive travel and other expenses.

The council, in line with all other local authorities, is required by the Government to publish an annual ‘pay policy statement’ including the pay of its staff, principally chief officers.

The highest paid salary at the authority is that received by the chief executive, while the average median salary is £21,166.