SIR - In difficult times one of the few saving graces is how clear it becomes that the vast majority of people value living in a supportive community.

In my own village we quickly put a leaflet offering help through everyone’s door. We were inundated by people wanting to join the list of volunteers and were delighted to discover that most people in need were already getting plenty of help from friends and neighbours.

Across the country there have, of course, been a small number of people who have only thought of themselves and who have hoarded food, been rude to hard pressed shop assistants or ignored necessary advice to avoid gatherings.

Despite their selfishness making life difficult, the vast majority of people have been determined to go the extra mile to get through this as well as we can by helpfully supporting each other.

In particular we have seen amazing work under huge pressure from doctors, nurses, farmers, delivery drivers, shop workers, refuse operators, public servants and all the other dedicated people who have been run off their feet trying to keep the rest of us fed, safe and well at real risk to their own health and safety.

Mrs Thatcher famously once said that “There is no such thing as society”. Our thanks must go out to the many people of good will who are proving her so very badly wrong.

Cllr Andy Brown

Main Street